Bronwen Williams, Karen Rogers & Nick Grubb

The Sunday Teatime Rock Show comes live from the Radio Winchcombe studio every other Sunday from 6pm until 8pm. Bron, Karen and Nick are three NHS colleagues who have worked within mental health services for many years and love music, especially rock. They also have a predilection for cake, but we don’t talk about that!

Bronwen was the first presenter of the show. She tends to be slightly bemused and forgetful, simply playing tracks that she likes. She also supplies the cake.


Karen  grew up on a diet of rock and metal, thanks to classic rock loving parents, but is proud to be a prog rock nerd in middle age.



Nick has been a music fan from an early age. He has an eclectic music taste, ranging from Rockabilly, Punk, Metal, Country, Blues, Jazz and Classical music. But lines have to be drawn so prog rock is usually avoided!