Ros Martin

Ros has been involved with Radio Winchcombe prior to when the initial full-time radio licence was obtained and has been broadcasting with RW ever since.  Ros appeared on the very first day of broadcasting full-time with her co-host, Bev Harrell and after all these years, are still presenting their show  between 16:00 and 18:00 on both Friday and Saturday.  Famous for not planning their shows, which generally consist of music, chat and live knitting. The music they play varies, however most genres are featured. Ros (with her co-host, Bev) love audience interaction and regularly hears and takes requests from their listeners from all over the world. Two listeners from California even made the trip to Winchcombe to help co-host their  show!  Ros is also passionate about Gospel music and hosts a monthly Gospel music show, broadcast on the first Sunday of each month at 15:00.  

Outside of RW, Ros runs her own business and loves to knit, although not necessarily at the same time!