Phill Bird

Phill Bird presents ‘something a little bit different’ on Sunday evenings from 20:00 until 22:00; as well as ‘pedals pipes and pistons’ (an organ-music show) on the third Sunday of the month at 3pm – which is a passion as he’s also a church organist in Cheltenham.  Phill also co-presents ‘after eight’ (lol) on Tuesday evenings from 20:00 for two hours with Rosie Mabbs & Martin Shurmer.   All shows feature chat, hand-picked music and a joie de vivre!  (many previous shows, including Hey Winchcombe! are available on ‘listen again’). 

Phill grew up in Cheltenham and has lived and worked in the West Midlands, Warwickshire, London, West Sussex, France &   The Canary Islands; though has always been drawn back here to the beautiful North Cotswolds.

Phill’s passions; holistic health, gardening, foraging, keeps him busy. As does his interest in all public transport, reading, sleeping, healthy eating, red wine, listening to the radio & most styles of music (he hasn’t had a TV for many years).  Oh, and sunshine!  He’s an active volunteer on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway as well as at Radio Winchcombe.

Favourite Phill quote – “Experience is not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you”. (Aldous Huxley)

An interesting Phill fact – He is quite possibly the only radio presenter in the world who has been ‘shot dead’ by both a Dalek and a Sontaran! (whilst acting on Dr Who).